Egg Cart Project – Discover

Formulate the Problem

  • What is the problem/task you need to solve in this project?
    • The task that needs to be solved is to create a car that protects a raw egg from a collision.
  • What are the most important “knows” about this project?
    • Some of the most important “knows” about this project is to:
      • The car must include at least two real features of a car. 
      • The cars will be put through a crash course
      • The car cannot be longer than 15cm on each side 
      • The car must be designed for an egg. 
  • What are the important “need-to-Knows”?
    • Some of the important “need-to-knows” are:
      • How big is the competition? 
      • Are these cars made individual or group wise?
      • When will we be getting the eggs?


Finding Information

  • What information will you use to solve this project?
    • I will do research articles about what some parts of a car can do to stop it from being as badly damaged when collided with another car. 
    • I will also be taking into consideration what materials I can use to protect my passengers in a collision. 
  • Where will that information come from/what resources will you have?
    • I will search for my information online.


Awareness of Constraints

  • What are the constraints (limitations/requirements) of the egg car? (such as time, design specs, etc)
    • Some of the constraints we have of the egg care are 
      • Resources. We really can’t go out and buy an engine and start building a motor for this project. We have to use things that we already have to build this car.
      • The egg can’t control the car. The car controls itself by forces. We apply the forces.



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