Egg Cart Project – Define

  • Classify Information:

    • By reading information from articles provided by my teacher, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to use a seatbelt and a crumple zone in my egg car design. These two safety features can help prevent people from dying in a crash/collision.
    • For example, some pieces of information I gathered are:  
      • “A crumple zone is a area of a car that is designed to deform and crumple in a collision.” – Crumple Zones, HowStuffWorks
        • Even though I am looking to project my egg and not the car, the less damage to a car has a less chance of affecting my passenger.
      •  “They reduce the initial force of the crash, and they redistribute the force before it reaches the vehicle’s occupants.” – Crumple Zones, HowStuffWorks 
        • A crumple zone can decrease the amount of force on my passenger during a collision. Therfore, having a crumple zone can save my passengers life. 
      • “Without a seatbelt, you would either slam into the steering wheel at 50 miles per hour or go flying through the windshield at 50 miles per hour.” – Seatbelts, HowStuffWorks 
        • Having a seatbelt or having something that can slow down the amount of force on the egg can help my passenger stay safe during a collision.
      • ” Furthermore, the NHTSA estimates that 7,000 U.S. car accident fatalities would have been avoided if the victims had been wearing belts.” – Seatbelts, HowStuffWorks


  • Reevaluate the Problem: 

    • In this project, I will build an egg car that protects a raw egg in a collision using a seatbelt and a crumple zone. 


  • Consider Alternate Methods:

    • Some of the ideas I have for creating a successful egg car is to:
      •  Create a seatbelt that would protect my egg during the collision. 
      • Have cushion that surrounds the egg so that it doesn’t hit a hard surface during the collision 

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