Egg Car Project – Design

  • Create a prototype

  • Create a plan for solution

    • I plan on having the following materials used to make my car
      • Rubberbands for the seatbelts
      • Cotton balls for the cushion
      • Thumbtacks or Plastic poles to keep the seatbelts in place.
      • Popsicle sticks to make a box around the egg.
    • First, I will start making the seat for my egg and the seatbelt for it.
    • Second I will construct the safety box for my egg. This will surround the egg.


  • Create a plan for testing

    • This car is made for a single rider. It is something for one person to complete simple everyday tasks. This is something for a bachelor to buy.
    • I will know my car is successful because it protects the bachelor from getting into any severe crashes. There may be minor crashes here and there but overall, I believe they would be safe due to my safety box, crumple zone and also the seatbelt.


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