Cloner – Define

What will you need in your program?

  • What sprites will you need?
    • A circle which will be the middle of the flower, and also flower petals
  • By what event will the clones be created?
    • When you press the spacebar the clones will be created.
  • What will the clones do?
    • They will clone themselves and go around the circle clockwise.
  • When will you get rid of the clones?
    • Well since I want to have my flower petals still on my flower… I won’t really get rid of the clones. What I can do though is when they delete have a different petal that can take the before petals place. 
  • What part of the program may take longest?
    • Designing the flower petals. 
  • With what part might you need help?
    • I might need help with the cloning and changing the petals. 

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