Egg Car Project – Develop

Test the solution

  • When testing my egg car it was not fully successful. Some of the things I encountered was having my egg carton piece come off and my car jolting into the door very hard. Two successes I had were the egg car rolling smoothly down the ramp and having my safety cushions and box stay in place. 

Synthesize and analyze feedback

  • My partner gave me feedback on my egg car before I tested it going down a ramp. My partner told me I should protect the surroundings of the egg so that it does not crash and for me to add more cushion. 

Revise the solution

  • I am going to work on creating a stronger crumple zone for my car and a secure egg seat with a seatbelt for my car. I do not want my passenger to die in this competition. To also protect my egg I will add more cushion around the safety box to protect the egg from crashing. 

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