Egg Car Project – Deliver

Present findings to an external audience

05 12

Engage in external evaluation

  • I planned out how I should design and build my car. I did this by creating a prototype for my car and I also used what I had around in my home to build this car
  • Throughout the process of creating my egg car. I have come across some complications about how I should build my egg car. For example, materials I should use and how I should apply them to my egg car. I first had a plan to make a safety box and a seatbelt for my egg car but I never made them. Underneath the cotton balls I attempted to make a box to cover my egg but that did not work out.

Reflect on the results

  • My car did not successfully meet all of the project constraints. I was successful in having my car under 15 cm on each side, having wheels, a seat for an egg and for having 2 safety features. I was not successful in protecting my egg from the crash.
  • I was successful during the process of completing almost all of the constraints and being on track with
  • During this project I learned that I should be following the procedures and steps I give myself to follow.
  • Next time I do a project in my future courses, I will make sure I follow the steps I give myself to follow. I had everything planned for this project, however, I did not follow the steps I said I was going to take when I first started.

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