Version 1


I started out bulls eye with creating a green circle, centered in a window. I used the circle function to create the circle.


Version 2


In this version, I created a custom function to create a circle, I used arguments in my function that I needed to create a circle.


Version 3


In this version, I had created two custom functions. One that creates a large circle and one that creates a smaller circle. I later on realized that I did not need both of these functions, only one. Because with custom functions, other people can import them into their files and use them when they are not so general and specifically only make that certain graphic in this case.


Version 4


In this version, I had deleted the small circle custom function and I created my circle function to be more general where you can place your own colors in the arguments to generate a different color. I had specific colors that I used to create the circle. I also created a custom function that draws the rings in the bulls eye.


Version 5


In this version, I imported the random module to make my bulls eye move horizontally left and right and also vertically up and down. Every time when my program is ran it moves randomly horizontal and vertically.


Version 6


In this version, I made the number of rings change randomly. I had it run from a range of 4 being the smallest amount of rings and 25 being the largest amount of rings.


Version 7


In this version, I had created a custom function that generates random colors. For this I had to define the smallest and largest integers I wanted to use for my colors using RGB. The smallest was 50 and the largest was 200. I also had added thickness for how thick I wanted the rings to be.


Version 8


In this version I had created multiple bulls eyes using my custom function for rings and using a for loop.


Version 9


In this version, I had just changed the colors and I added more bulls eyes. I also changed the highest amount of rings I can have.



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