The Lady or the Tiger?

The princess slightly points to the right and the prisoner looks up at her and realizes where she pointed to. Everyone else did not notice her because everyone had their eyes on the prisoner. 

The prisoner slowly walks over to the right door, following the princesses direction. He did not know whether or not she was telling the truth but he went along with it. 

After he hesitated to open the right door, he placed his hand on the door knob and twists it. 

The whole arena was silent. Everyone was anticipating this moment to come. The princess stood up straight and tall in her seat trying her best not to show any emotion upon the opening the door. 

Just before the door opened completely, the tiger comes out and devours the prisoner. 

It remained quiet in the arena with a few cheers and cries. 

The princess tried very hard to keep her cries in. She wanted the prisoner to live, after all she did love him. If it meant him being with another woman she was okay with it as long as he was alive. 

The tiger keeper lied to her. He lied because he wanted to keep her to himself. Even though he never told her about his love for her, he will now since the prisoner, her lover, is out of the picture.