DELIVER: final.pde

Throughout the time I had to complete this game, I did not achieve anything big. I was proud though to have a rules screen which worked! My second version, however, did not show any improvements. Because I got stuck when trying to add the movement code to my game. My game would have turned out great if I actually used my time efficiently to create a game in this timely manner.


DISCOVER: final.pde

Out of the games I interacted with, I would like to use behaviors from the following games: 

bigBouncers.pde, pac1.pde and flowOrbits.pde


  • Focus of game: (top view) Help the thief escape from the bouncers.
  • The behavior used in this game was an animated sprite.
    • The thief in this game was the animated sprite. Whenever moving the thief with the key controls it appeared as though it was walking due to the animated sprite.
  • I will use an animated sprite in my game to do the same thing bigBouncers does. I want my sloth to eat the plants. (For instance, it will appear with its mouth open whenever colliding with a plant.)



  • Focus of game: Pacman with fireballs and an apple
  • The behavior used in this game was sound affects
    • There were sound affects for whenever the Pacman ate the apple
  • I will use sound affects in my game to make sounds whenever the sloth eats the correct plants and not the incorrect plants. Whenever the sloth eats an incorrect plant there will be a sound as well.



  • Focus of game: Get the star out of the circle
  • The behaviors used in this game were cloaking and artificial intelligence 
    • One of the flowers in this game was fading in and out in the game and there was another flower that chased a flower. 
  • I will use cloaking in my game for the plants that follow the sloth to make the game appear harder. 

DEFINE: final.pde

The different objects and resources I will use in my program are: 

  • Sloth (user player)
    • sloth2
    • Sloth image name (sloth)
    • X and Y position variables (slothX, slothY)
    • Rotation (slothRot)
    • Motion variables (mvSX, mvSY)
    • Speed of sloth (spdSloth)
  • Plant (Enemy) 
    • imagay
    • Image name (plantE)
    • X and Y position of image (planteX, planteY)
    • Angle of image (planteAng)
    • Speed of image (spdPe)
  • Plant (Good) 
    • image
    • Image name (plantG)
    • X and Y position of image (plantgX, plantgY)
    • Angle of image (plantgAng)
    • speed of image (spdPg)


Additional Variables that will be needed in my game

  • bG
    • Background color for game
  • bgSound
    • Background music for game
  • sEffect
    • Sound effect for game when hitting the wrong flower







This game takes place in a tropical tree, where there are sloths who are hungry. The sloths in this game eat plants. The plants with spots kill the sloth. The user in the game controls the sloth and has to prevent the sloth from eating plants with spots.


The behaviors in my game will be:

  • Sound
  • Beginning and ending game screen
  • Color changes
  • Rules
  • Score
  • Restart
  • Animated Sprite
  • Movement
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloaking


The most important behaviors in my game is the rules, animated sprite and beginning and ending game screen.

It will be most difficult to create an animated sprite unless I use a gif of a sloth that moves.

I will code the behaviors in the following order:

  • Animated Sprite
  • Movement
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloaking
  • Beginning and Ending Screen
  • Rules
  • Sound
  • Restart
  • Color Changes


The behaviors for my game will be coded on these days.