Cloner – Deliver

  • The original goal of the project.

    • The original goal of the project was to create a flower that has petals changing colors.
  • The parts of your scratch program that are working 

    • All of the parts in my scratch program are working.
  • The parts of your program that are not working 

    • Everything works.
  • The most important thing to fix or create in the time left.

    • The most important thing to create now is a second layer of petals which change colors. I want another row of petals which do the same job as the previous petals. Like growing outward.
  • A to do list which shows how you will spend the remaining time.

    • I will create another petal
    • I will clone that petal
    • And I will program the petals to change colors.

Cloner: Midpoint Status Report

Did you have a good plan at the start of the project? 

I did have a good plan at the start of my project. I wanted to animate a flower and its petals growing.

Did you get a good amount of work done so far? 

So far I created the flower and its petals. I also animated it to go counter clock-wise around the middle of the flower.

Do you believe you can meet the goals of your project by its due date? 

I believe I can meet the goals of my project by its due date.

Do you need to change any any of your goals?

I do not need to change any of my goals.

Cloner – Define

What will you need in your program?

  • What sprites will you need?
    • A circle which will be the middle of the flower, and also flower petals
  • By what event will the clones be created?
    • When you press the spacebar the clones will be created.
  • What will the clones do?
    • They will clone themselves and go around the circle clockwise.
  • When will you get rid of the clones?
    • Well since I want to have my flower petals still on my flower… I won’t really get rid of the clones. What I can do though is when they delete have a different petal that can take the before petals place. 
  • What part of the program may take longest?
    • Designing the flower petals. 
  • With what part might you need help?
    • I might need help with the cloning and changing the petals.