Deliver – Scroller

Link to my final version

  1. The original goal of the project
    1. The original goal of the project was to create a game or animation on scratch in which the background scrolls either vertically or horizontally.
  2. The parts of your Scratch program that are working
    1. All parts of my scratch program are working.
  3. The parts of your program that are not working
    1. Sometimes when you switch the direction the buildings and the clouds take some time to move.
  4. The most important thing to fix or create in the time left
    1. Nothing else.
  5. A to do list which shows how you will spend the remaining time
    1. I finished my project.


Midpoint Status Report – Scroller

  1. Original goal of you project 
    1. The original goal of the project was to do create a game or animation where the background scrolls. In either a vertical or horizontal way.
  2. What you have accomplished so far 
    1. During the time of this project I did not accomplish anything.
  3. What still remains to be done 
    1. I have to complete the project.
  4. Whether or not you can meet the original goals of the project
    1. I can meet the original goals of the project.
  5. Any changes in goals for your project
    1. I have no changes in my goals for my project
  6. A list of how you will use the rest of the time remaining in the project
    1. Creating my scroller project.

Define – Scroller

Type of animation that will work best

A backdrop sprite animation.


 What part should I begin first?

Coding the sprite and the background.


 What part will be most difficult?

I think making the backgrounds move at the same time will be the most difficult.


What parts will I need help with?

I know I will need help with coding the background and making the backdrop into a sprite. So that it moves at the same time.