Deliver – Personal Branding

Will you be able to complete your project on time?

I will not be able to complete my project on time.


Do you need to change your goals to be something less than the complete site?

I need to work faster and not have so many pictures to put on my website.


To Do List for the time remaining

  1. Finish music.html 
  2. Finish landscapes.html
  3. Finish artAndArchitecture.html


Neocities link to the final version of your home page

Personal Branding – Midpoint Status Report

  • Is your website on schedule for completion by June 13th?

    • My website is not on schedule for completion by June 13th.
  • Do you need to change your goals to be something less than the creation of the complete, working site?

    • I need to work faster.
  • To Do List for the time remaining

    • During class I will start to design my home page and I will design my other pages at home.
    • I will first work on the pages layouts then the backgrounds.
    • Then from there I will add the images and the texts.

Personal Branding – Define

What are the pages, resources and navigation of your website?

  • How will you divide your content between your 4 pages?

    • My first page home
    • Art/ Architecture
    • Music (Favorite bands and albums)
    • Landscapes (Oceans, sunsets, and more)
  • What will you name each page?

    • Home
    •  Art/Architecture 
    • Music
    • Landscapes
  • Where will you store your pictures?

    • In one folder called Pictures.
  • What links will let the user move between pages of your website?

    • Either the links on the home page or I will have a link at the bottom of the page by numbers.


Personal Branding – Discover

  • Content

    • Everything links together
    • Healthy foods and recipes
    • Books
    • Architecture and Art work
    • Music
      • Bands that I like
      • Logos
      • Album covers
    • Books
      • Books that I have read or books that appear lovely
    • Nature
      • Waterfalls
      • Fields
      • Flowers
    • Self portraits of people
    • Anything else that I like.
  • Look and Style