Government Final Performance Task

Over the past couple of months in my Government class, I learned about the structure and the functions of the United States Government. Through learning all of the topics in my Government class, I was able to create my own campaign where I run for Senate for the 15th New York Congressional District.

campaign poster- government

All other information can be found on my project can be found by pressing this link!


Unit 4 Performance Task: Active Citizen Project

Check out the link below to see my partner and I’s performance task!

unit-4_ PT Being a Good Citizen!

Unit 1 Performance Task: Fake News Toolkit & Infographic

My Groups Fake News Toolkit & Infographic

My group and I used the 5 D’s to do this project which is Discover, Define, Design, Develop, and Deliver. By using these things we were able to successfully come up with a Toolkit that is helpful to us and hopefully others about spotting fake news. During the Discover stage, we identified what was our task. In the Define stage, we came up with a definition of Fake News and how to spot it. We then went into the Design stage where we began to start our presentation. This is where we did most of our research to figure out shortcuts to spotting fake news. In the Develop stage, we added the quiz and images on fake news. During the Deliver stage, we finalized any touches we needed to do. 

Being able to point out Fake News is important because you want to make sure the information you are receiving and looking at is something credible and real. You don’t want to read something about the shortage of ice and ice can always be made. Fake News can cause controversy and also hate amongst groups of people if targeted at them. It’s best to stay clear of Fake News.