Egg Car Project – Deliver

Present findings to an external audience

05 12

Engage in external evaluation

  • I planned out how I should design and build my car. I did this by creating a prototype for my car and I also used what I had around in my home to build this car
  • Throughout the process of creating my egg car. I have come across some complications about how I should build my egg car. For example, materials I should use and how I should apply them to my egg car. I first had a plan to make a safety box and a seatbelt for my egg car but I never made them. Underneath the cotton balls I attempted to make a box to cover my egg but that did not work out.

Reflect on the results

  • My car did not successfully meet all of the project constraints. I was successful in having my car under 15 cm on each side, having wheels, a seat for an egg and for having 2 safety features. I was not successful in protecting my egg from the crash.
  • I was successful during the process of completing almost all of the constraints and being on track with
  • During this project I learned that I should be following the procedures and steps I give myself to follow.
  • Next time I do a project in my future courses, I will make sure I follow the steps I give myself to follow. I had everything planned for this project, however, I did not follow the steps I said I was going to take when I first started.

Egg Car Project – Develop

Test the solution

  • When testing my egg car it was not fully successful. Some of the things I encountered was having my egg carton piece come off and my car jolting into the door very hard. Two successes I had were the egg car rolling smoothly down the ramp and having my safety cushions and box stay in place. 

Synthesize and analyze feedback

  • My partner gave me feedback on my egg car before I tested it going down a ramp. My partner told me I should protect the surroundings of the egg so that it does not crash and for me to add more cushion. 

Revise the solution

  • I am going to work on creating a stronger crumple zone for my car and a secure egg seat with a seatbelt for my car. I do not want my passenger to die in this competition. To also protect my egg I will add more cushion around the safety box to protect the egg from crashing. 

Egg Car Project – Design

  • Create a prototype

  • Create a plan for solution

    • I plan on having the following materials used to make my car
      • Rubberbands for the seatbelts
      • Cotton balls for the cushion
      • Thumbtacks or Plastic poles to keep the seatbelts in place.
      • Popsicle sticks to make a box around the egg.
    • First, I will start making the seat for my egg and the seatbelt for it.
    • Second I will construct the safety box for my egg. This will surround the egg.


  • Create a plan for testing

    • This car is made for a single rider. It is something for one person to complete simple everyday tasks. This is something for a bachelor to buy.
    • I will know my car is successful because it protects the bachelor from getting into any severe crashes. There may be minor crashes here and there but overall, I believe they would be safe due to my safety box, crumple zone and also the seatbelt.

Egg Cart Project – Define

  • Classify Information:

    • By reading information from articles provided by my teacher, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to use a seatbelt and a crumple zone in my egg car design. These two safety features can help prevent people from dying in a crash/collision.
    • For example, some pieces of information I gathered are:  
      • “A crumple zone is a area of a car that is designed to deform and crumple in a collision.” – Crumple Zones, HowStuffWorks
        • Even though I am looking to project my egg and not the car, the less damage to a car has a less chance of affecting my passenger.
      •  “They reduce the initial force of the crash, and they redistribute the force before it reaches the vehicle’s occupants.” – Crumple Zones, HowStuffWorks 
        • A crumple zone can decrease the amount of force on my passenger during a collision. Therfore, having a crumple zone can save my passengers life. 
      • “Without a seatbelt, you would either slam into the steering wheel at 50 miles per hour or go flying through the windshield at 50 miles per hour.” – Seatbelts, HowStuffWorks 
        • Having a seatbelt or having something that can slow down the amount of force on the egg can help my passenger stay safe during a collision.
      • ” Furthermore, the NHTSA estimates that 7,000 U.S. car accident fatalities would have been avoided if the victims had been wearing belts.” – Seatbelts, HowStuffWorks


  • Reevaluate the Problem: 

    • In this project, I will build an egg car that protects a raw egg in a collision using a seatbelt and a crumple zone. 


  • Consider Alternate Methods:

    • Some of the ideas I have for creating a successful egg car is to:
      •  Create a seatbelt that would protect my egg during the collision. 
      • Have cushion that surrounds the egg so that it doesn’t hit a hard surface during the collision 

Egg Cart Project – Discover

Formulate the Problem

  • What is the problem/task you need to solve in this project?
    • The task that needs to be solved is to create a car that protects a raw egg from a collision.
  • What are the most important “knows” about this project?
    • Some of the most important “knows” about this project is to:
      • The car must include at least two real features of a car. 
      • The cars will be put through a crash course
      • The car cannot be longer than 15cm on each side 
      • The car must be designed for an egg. 
  • What are the important “need-to-Knows”?
    • Some of the important “need-to-knows” are:
      • How big is the competition? 
      • Are these cars made individual or group wise?
      • When will we be getting the eggs?


Finding Information

  • What information will you use to solve this project?
    • I will do research articles about what some parts of a car can do to stop it from being as badly damaged when collided with another car. 
    • I will also be taking into consideration what materials I can use to protect my passengers in a collision. 
  • Where will that information come from/what resources will you have?
    • I will search for my information online.


Awareness of Constraints

  • What are the constraints (limitations/requirements) of the egg car? (such as time, design specs, etc)
    • Some of the constraints we have of the egg care are 
      • Resources. We really can’t go out and buy an engine and start building a motor for this project. We have to use things that we already have to build this car.
      • The egg can’t control the car. The car controls itself by forces. We apply the forces.